Carlsbad-Oceanside Toastmasters Club 47

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About Carlsbad-Oceanside Toastmasters Club 47

What to expect when you come to a meeting

A Toastmasters meeting is organized so that all attendees have an opportunity to speak in front of an audience as well as learn how to set an agenda and run a meeting within the scheduled time frame. Therefore, when you come to a Club 47 meeting, you'll notice we structure our meetings using the following agenda:

Club Business (10 minutes)
The Sergeant at Arms calls the meeting to order and leads the club in the Pledge of Allegiance. The club President then welcomes guests and discusses any club business.
Toastmaster (5 minutes)
The Toastmaster is the emcee for the meeting. He or she introduces the speakers and meeting functionaries. The meeting functionaries are Timer, Ah Counter, Grammarian, General Evaluator, and Snack Master.
Table Topics or Impromptu Speaking (15 minutes)
The Table Topics Master is responsible for asking members of the audience random questions. Each person called upon does his or her best to provide a complete answer within 45 to 90 seconds. Guests may choose or decline to participate. 
Break (5 minutes)
Prepared Speeches (30 minutes)
Speeches are usually based on a manual assignment, including hip-pocket speeches. A "hip-pocket speech" is a speech presented by someone who was not scheduled to give a speech. Manual assignments are from the beginning Competent Communication manual, the Advanced Communication Program, the Leadership Excellence Series,  the Better Speaker Series, or the Successful Club Series. A prepared speech may include a mock interview, debate or a presentation you'll be making outside the club.
Evaluations of the Speakers and Meeting (15 minutes)
At Toastmasters we're all about self-improvement. That's why it's important for everyone to learn how to receive and give feedback. Therefore, Speech Evaluators evaluate prepared speakers on their performances, and the General Evaluator evaluates the meeting as a whole as well as individual performances by Speech Evaluators and meeting functionaries.
Adjournment (10 minutes)
At the end of a meeting the President distributes awards, the Vice President of Education discusses the schedule and meeting roles and assignments, and the membership makes any closing remarks.